app + control unit + p zero trofeo r

How it works

The ultimate in technology and precision to monitor your performance on the track in real time.

How it works

An ultimate lap timer, that is automatic and easy to use and which monitors your tyres performance

Track Adrenaline is a sophisticated and accurate telemetry tool that monitors tyre pressure and temperature.
It also provides information and suggestions in real time to maximise your performance on the track.
The system consists of an electronic control unit that can be easily installed inside the vehicle, the Track Adrenaline App, which can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple Store, and P Zero Trofeo R tyres.

Who better than the Global Tyre Partner of the FIA Formula 1 World Championship, with more than 110 years of motorsport experience, to help you get the most out of your tyres on a track?

Perfect, practical
and fast set up

Quickly and conveniently monitor the pressure and temperature of your tyres whenever you want via your smartphone and deliver the full potential of your tyres to increase the efficiency and performance of your car.

Let the Track Adrenaline App advise you; set the optimal pressure for your lap and keep the pressure of your tyres at the recommended levels thanks to the digital pressure gauge.

Live view

Based on high performance GPS technology that guarantees precision on trajectories, lap and split times, the Track Adrenaline lap timer offers a comprehensive live view.

Thanks to an exhaustive circuit database, the circuit is located as soon as you turn on Track Adrenaline, setting the position of the finish line and the split points. This information is then used to calculate the lap time with extreme precision, providing telemetric data in real time.

Predictive lap time
Best lap
Current lap time

Perfect tyres for your fastest lap

An exciting live view is enhanced by the information coming directly from your tyres, to catch the moment when the tyres reach the optimal temperature. This enables you to record the best lap time or to make a brief stop in the pits and reset the pressure in order to restart safely.

Relive the adrenaline of your test track rides

Track Adrenaline records your lap data to allow you to analyse your performance and understand how to improve your driving and lap times.

A simple and intuitive interface gives access to information such as: lap time, best lap time, ideal lap time, maximum and average speed, longitudinal and transversal acceleration and total mileage.

Best lap
Ideal lap
Total distance
Average Speed
Max Longitudinal Acceleration
Max Lateral Acceleration
Max speed
Total laps

Replay mode

Replay mode, thanks to the precision of the GPS inside the Track Adrenaline electronic control unit, allows you to analyse your trajectories, providing you with KPIs in real time and compares different sessions from different days.

All the information and data from your sessions are stored in the App so that you can view them at any time.

How did your track session go?

With the Track Adrenaline App you can evaluate the track session you have just finished, classifying it according to type (race, time trial or practice), recording your level of satisfaction with your own performance and that of the tyres and even entering information about the weather. In this way you can better evaluate your progress on the track and compare your performance based on the session type.

Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R sensor-fitted tyres will be available in Italy, Germany, UK and Belgium from July 2019 from a selection of Pirelli authorised dealers.
At launch, sensor-fitting is only provided for a limited range of P Zero Trofeo R sizes.

Find out which ones

Other possible configurations

Not yet fitted your car with P Zero Trofeo R sensor-fitted tyres?

The telemetry data of Track Adrenaline is available to you with the Track Adrenaline App.

Not yet bought Track Adrenaline lap timer, but you have P Zero Trofeo R tyres?

Download the Track Adrenaline App and use the Digital Pressure Gauge to monitor the pressure and temperature of your tyres quickly and easily.


P Zero Trofeo R sensorised range

265/35ZR20 XL (99Y) Trofeo Race C
325/30ZR21 XL (108Y) Trofeo Race C
245/35ZR20 XL (95Y) Trofeo Race C
305/30ZR20 X (103Y) Trofeo Race C
225/35ZR19 XL (88Y) Trofeo Race C
285/35ZR20 XL (104Y) Trofeo Race C
295/30ZR20 XL (101Y) Trofeo Race C
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