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Experience all the advantages of a modular solution that allows you to maximise the functionality of the system’s components.

Control unit

A control device located inside the vehicle enables sensor-to-app communication, giving precise GPS readings at any time during the racetrack session.
The control unit can be installed on the roll-bar, the front window or the rear window, depending on the car model.


the accurancy

The GPS + GLONASS combination ensures high precision in locating and measuring your lap times.
The dual 9-axis inertial sensor with gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer guarantees accurate data.


With its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (BLE) 4.0 combo, you are in direct communication with your smartphone and with your sensor-fitted tyres.

Your day on the test track
with a lap timer

Keep a record of every instant of your day on the track thanks to the device’s long battery life and its 4GB of memory.


Real time
monitoring system

Download the Track Adrenaline App directly on your smartphone. Enjoy the track experience and relive your sessions any time you like. Make quick and easy checks on the condition of your tyres and adjust the pressure to optimal levels via the digital pressure gauge.

Soon available on


Maximum performance

P Zero Trofeo R is the ultra-low profile racing tyre with a hi-tech asymmetrical design.
A sensor fitted to the inside of the casing provides pressure and temperature information which enables you to maximise your driving experience.
The small size of the sensor does not affect the normal use of the tyre and its performance.

Visit the Pirelli Motorsport website and discover all the features of
P Zero Trofeo R.

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